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There are at actually a lot of different exhausts available for the Leonardo. If you have seen the tuning page you will know that another (or a modified) exhaust is needed, if you want to go faster.

Exhaust for Aprilia Leonardo 125/150 (1996-1998)
Brand Dealer Price Picture Description
Aprilia ZMG Motorsport [D] 700dm   The original exhaust
Official Danish Dealers ~4350dkr
Arrow Special Part Leonardo Club Italia 504000 itl

Maxi Scooter - [125, 150 & 250]

According to Leonardo Club Italia, Arrow had stopped the production for some time in 2000 because the exhausts was not strong enough. But it should be fine again (Shown on the first picture)

Its available again for the 125 and 150, and the one for the 250 is on its way according to ZMG, but Speed Sport already shows it in their price list. It does not look like the first picture anymore, but enstad like the second.

According to Arrow its a FeP04 steel plating and it is M.I.G. welded. The sound should be extremely low because of a an inner mechanical silencer (like the original exhaust). Its painted black and the front protection is in aluminium. Arrows parts numbers are 53502MS for the 125 & 150 and 53503MS for the 250 as can be seen on this listing

Speed Sport [US] 269 USD
ZMG Motorsport [D] 255,59 EUR
G.P.R. Racing Parts   450000 to 550000 itl For the Leonardo, they have 2 different shapes (round and oval)and 2 different materials (Stainless steel or "poppy" stainless steel, which copies the carbon look). they are available for both for 125, 150 and 250.
Giannelli Hovedstadens Scootercenter [DK] and other danish shops can now get it from T.M.P (which also is the official danish Aprilia importer) 2550 dkr This is _not_ the exhaust for the leo eventrough the name is the same - see right The right Gianelli Freeway for the Leo The Giannelli exhaust on my Leo The right Gianelli Freeway for the Leo Free Way - [125,150 & 250]

Gianelli has a habit of changing their exhaust but keep the names. To add to the confusion the also use the same names on completely different exhaust. I.e the have both Free Way exhaust for 2 strokes and 4 stokes that only share the name.

The first picture to the left is for 4 stroke scooters but not for the Leonardo. The second and third picture are of the old version that I got (which is not road legal) and the last picture shows the new Free Way for the leonardo

The old Giannelli exhaust for the Leonardo 150 is not completely in stainless steel. The Leonardo exhausts is in steel with a stoved high-temperature black finish. According to Taffspeed they do give an appreciable increase in performance without rejetting or modifying the transmission system, but not something I noticed when running with my big windscreen.

(GF13250 GF13251)
£ 179.93
ZMG Motorsport [D] 235,14 EUR
MetraKit Metrakit [DK]   [125 & 150]

Chrome plated exhaust from spanish Metrakit. The shoplink left is for a danish mailorder company but jusk ask Metrakit spain about you neares dealer

Kundo [E] ZMG Motorsport [D] 138 EUR [125 & 150]

It is cheap but I don't know anything about it.

Leo Vinci [I] Rollershop [D] 479 DM
Touring - [125, 150 & 250]

Looks good and it is even ECC approved and has the German ABE as well (Order #4816 for the 125/150). I have first hand experiences with two leo's with this exhaust. They are both 150ccm their engines are otherwise standard and and their owners have not noticed any changes in performance.

There is a product list here . The does also list a Leo Vinci Touting for the 250 - but that does not have ABE.

Hester Motorsport [D] 218,32 EUR
Technigas Hester Motorsport [D] 229,57 EUR Maxi4 - [125 & 150]

It has the german ABE approval

Its partly in polished aluminum and the rest is chrome plated.

ZMG Motorsport [D] 253,09 EUR
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